Client: Clariant
Discipline: Spatial Communication, Exhibition Design
Clariant Showroom Flims
Unveiling the new Brand Design

Changing perspectives. The small gets big, infographics expand into space, the unseen structure behind extend into the room. And above all a bright white light changing the space into a modern laboratory. A space to experience, see, feel and learn about the new brand design.
Role: Design, Concept, Graphic Design
Agency: Mutabor 
CD: Axel Domke
3D AD: Tillmann Beuscher, Tobias Huber
3D Design: Jenny Heimann, Johanna Becker
Design: Sarah Gossner
Animation CD: Alex Hanowski
Animation: Myrna Kinnmann, Antje Adamovsky, sehsucht
Interactive: Wir machen bunt
producer intern: Stefanie Thomasek
producer extern: Schüttenberg
site management: metron

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