Client: Clariant
Discipline: Branded Spaces & Experiences
Clariant Showroom Flims
Unveiling the new Brand Design

Changing perspectives. The small gets big, infographics expand into space, the unseen structure behind extend into the room. And above all a bright white light changing the space into a modern laboratory. A space to experience, see, feel and learn about the new brand design.
Role: Design, Concept, Graphic Design
Agency: Mutabor 
CD: Axel Domke
3D AD: Tillmann Beuscher, Tobias Huber
3D Design: Jenny Heimann, Johanna Becker
Design: Sarah Gossner
Animation CD: Alex Hanowski
Animation: Myrna Kinnmann, Antje Adamovsky, sehsucht
Interactive: Wir machen bunt
producer intern: Stefanie Thomasek
producer extern: Schüttenberg
site management: metron

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